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Dear friends

Welcome to the 27th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics!

We are honoured to host the 27th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics 

The onsite contest takes place in Athens, Greece, from September 9th (Arrival day) to September 14th (Departure day) 2019.

We are happy that the most gifted students from Balkan region of Europe will have the possibility to prove their knowledge and skills in Informatics. We, the hosts of the Olympiad, will make our best efforts to provide the best conditions during the competition. At this website, participating countries will be able to find all the information about BOI 2018 and JBOI 2018.

We will do our best to make BOI 2019  a memorable event!
For any questions concerning BOI 2019  please contact: Mr. Karageorgos or Mr. Atsalis , at 27boi2019@gmail.com or epy@epy.gr

The Organizing Committee